Whale Congress 2015

We are proud to announce our 2nd Whale Congress, held in cooperation with the University of Iceland’s Research Center, next Tuesday at 19:30 in our conference room. (more…)


French artist Sonia Levy working on a new exhibition in the Whale Museum

French artist Sonia Levy who set up her exhibition Hvalreki at the Culture House in Húsavík last summer is now working on a new exhibition at the museum (more…)

The Whale Museum

Is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1997. It's foremost aim is to provide detailed and interesting information about whales and their habitat.

The Blue Whale Project

The blue whale project started in 2010 when a blue whale was found stranded in Skagi, in the Northwest of Iceland.

The Whale School

The Children's Whale School is an educational program that aims to educate pupils of all school levels.

Researches on Skjálfandi Bay

Since 1998 the Húsavík Whale Museum has been carrying out research to learn more about the whale of Skjálfandi Bay.