Husavik Whale Museum and New Bedford Whaling Museum‘s shared project; Connecting Coastal Communities, has started off well.

The project’s aim is to connect two different communities, on both sides of the Atlantic, through their shared legacy of whales and whaling.

In the beginning of October a group of 10 students in the first year of FSH local college were invited to take part in the project, after having applied and attended interviews. They have met and been introduced to the tasks ahead as well as meeting the group of students in New Bedford via skype.

Both groups, now called the Ocean Crew, have created Personal Portfolios for them to share with other Ocean Crew members and get to know each other, as well as one of the first tasks was to create a logo for the project.

The Husavik group of students has met once a week and due to time difference, they have met with the New Bedford group in the evenings for skype talks on everything from the weather to whales.

We look forward to continuing the work with the Ocean Crew.